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NMHS September Cup Date
NMHS September Cup Date

New Hampshire Motor Speedwayís September Sprint Cup weekends have been moved to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway effective 2018. Hereís what that means for the North East Motor Sports Museum.

The New Hampshire track is secure and will be in business with its July weekend for decades to come. Each track that has lost a date in recent years has found significant increases in ticket sales for the date that remains. I believe the same will happen at New Hampshire.

As for museum attendance, I have been to every auto racing museum thatís at a race track and Iíve seen them during race weekends. Not one of them get a marked increase in attendance when compared to non-race weekends. Because of that, the museumís budget does not rely on race weekend ticket sales to meet expenses.

The North East Motor Sports Museum has a 90-year lease under the building we have erected. We have a home for the long term and will make the best of it. This museum will not fail. It will prosper.

The museum will open to paid members on June 10 and 11 and will open to the general public shortly thereafter.

-Dick Berggren