New England Motor Sports Museum


New Exhibits at the museum
New Exhibits at the museum

New exhibits at the museum:

Around one-third of the cars and motorcycles that were on the floor when the museum opened in June, 2017, will be replaced this spring.


The majority of 20Ē X 30Ē photos that have hung on the walls since the museum opened will be replaced with new photos.


Once one of the most popular forms of New England motorsports, todayís hillclimb activity is focused on the Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds. A car that twice set speed records for the run to the top of the mountain was built and driven by dirt track stock car driver Jerry Driscoll and is new to the museumís floor.


A new early Funny Car has arrived and is on display.


Ed Shea as owner and Russ Wood as driver were a formidable supermodified team. Their most successful car won two Lee USA Speedway championships and two ISMA championships. The car, which has been magnificently restored, and a collection of huge trophies won by Shea and Wood are new to the museum and on the floor.


The museum has been promised a newly restored Autodynamics F/V car. There was a time when Autodynamics was building more race cars, most of them F/V, than anyone else in America. Their shop was in Marblehead, MA.


Nearly one-third of the large display boards that have been on the floor will be replaced with new ones. Included will be three new drag racing display panels, Topsfield Fair photos, Thompson early road racing images, and a back/front featuring two New Englandís drivers who are racing in the top division of their discipline (Joey Logano and David Gravel).


New cars, motorcycles, trophies, and photography will greet the museumís guests in 2018. As before, everything will have a New England connection.