New England Motor Sports Museum



One of New England’s most historic racing facilities, Thompson Speedway, is undergoing a history making renovation. A new and magnificent road course is being added to the Hoenig family complex which already includes the popular 5/8 mile high banked oval which opened 73 years ago.

Also on property is “Little T,” a quarter-midget track, a golf course, banquet facility and restaurant. The new road course will also offer a driving school.

The renovation will ultimately include four garages, some of which will have space on the ground floor for race cars and an apartment overhead. Just what racers always wanted, they can sleep with their race car!

One of the garages is already up and is in the area that for many years has been used for pits. A new timing tower and check-in building are also up. A huge bridge which will go over the road course is under construction. It will be strong enough and sufficiently large to accommodate semis.

Jonathan Hoenig, a fourth generation family member and great grandson to track founder John Hoenig, assures us that the road course will not spell the end of the oval track. A season of special events is planned for the oval in 2014. All road course club rental dates for 2014 have been reserved. Individual memberships on a club format are being sold. Hoenig is confident that demand for the road course and its garages is sufficiently high to ensure the project’s financial success.

-Dick Berggren

The road course will use part of the oval but not the bank. It will enter the oval at turn-one.

Jonathan Hoenig points to construction he believes will ensure financial success for the family’s motorsports operations.

One of the planned four garages is up and will be available for oval track racing as well as road course competitors.

A huge bridge will go over the road course so garage and paddock access will be possible while races are underway.

There are massive piles of dirt everywhere. This is a major undertaking.