New England Motor Sports Museum




The largest crowd to ever attend the Annual Meeting of the North East Motor Sports Museum assembled at the Museum on September 29, 2018. The meeting, which included the Board of Directors, paid members and museum volunteers, followed the annual Legends Day event.

            This was the first Annual Meeting since the first full year of museum operations. Itís clear that the museum is a huge success and has found favor within the motorsports community.

            It was announced that until spring and beginning in October the museum will be open on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10am-4pm. Those who wish to see the museum outside of those days and hours, including tour groups, should requesting an accommodative opening to suit their schedule.

            Attendees voted to authorize the hiring of a General Manager, a paid full-time position. Essential requirements of the job include residence within an easy drive of the museum, reasonable computer skills, and a demonstrated ability to run the facility to achieve its goals. Special consideration will be given to those with a motorsports background. The position provides the successful applicant with an opportunity to do worthwhile, enjoyable work in an ever-changing environment.

            Each year, according to our bylaws, one-third of the Directors are up for re-election. Attendees unanimously voted Geoerge Summers, Ray Boissoneau, Paul Giblin, Paul Aldrich, Al Novotnick, Bob Coy, Gil Coraine, Lloyd Hutchins and Ricky Craven to additional three-year terms.

            Also decided was to continue to replace approximately one-third of the cars and motorcycles currently on the floor so guests visiting in 2019 will see a lot thatís different than they had seen in 2018. Certain displays will also be changed during the winter months.

            A $75,000 donation from a board member was announced. All museums require donations to maintain their financial security.

Treasurer Rick Humphrey explained and delivered detailed documents that reflect the museumís financial condition and operations.

To attend next yearís Annual Meeting, become a member (which you can do on the home page of this website) or a volunteer.