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iRacing Dot Com Comes to the Museum
iRacing Dot Com Comes to the Museum

 iRacing Simulator Comes to the Museum


A fully-equipped simulator has become available to museum guests at no cost. Considered the finest publically available racing simulator, itís so realistic that professional drivers use it to prepare for their next race.

            The museumís unit, which was donated by, comes fully equipped with pedals, steering wheel, and bucket seat. Dirt and asphalt tracks include the oval and road course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. You can race a NASCAR Whelen Tour modified at several New England tracks or drive a sprint car at Williams Grove.

            Should you chose to do so, suspension adjustments can be made which will affect the handling of the car you are working with. And, you have a choice of cars.           

            If you always wanted to race but canít afford to, come the museum and race for free!

            Our unit doesnít connect with the internet so you canít race against others but if you buy a set for yourself, you may find yourself racing with Dale Earnhardt or other famous racing personalities.

            Pictured is the iRacing crew that brought and set up the equipment. Left to right, David Moulthrop (who donated the television set used with the equipment), Otto Szebeni (iRacingís Director of Sales & Marketing) and Tyler Hudson (seated).