New England Motor Sports Museum



 One of the museumís great supporters, Frank Manafort, died on February 1 after a long fight against declining health. He was a tough guy for sure as he fought disease. But he was an incredibly nice guy, someone everybody liked.

He was a member of the Museumís Board of Directors where he could always be counted on to offer good advice about what we should be doing.

            He had a special touch for doing things quietly, then surprising us all with something terrific heíd come up with. The poster none of us had ever seen before that he found, had professionally framed and delivered to the museum was but one example. Itíll be on the museumís wall forever.

            As a young man, he won races as a driver at Plainville Stadium. Later, he drove to a Legends Car championship. In his later years, Frank was a NEMA and DMA championship-winning team owner whose midgets competed with and beat the best in the country.

            His passion for racing was an inspiration. He raced as he led his life, with class, focus and purpose. Frank earned considerable success that resulted from the effort he put into his work and his racing.

            Frankís pain and suffering are over but our memories of this wonderful man will remain.