New England Motor Sports Museum



 If you don’t know Tommy Caruso, you’d like him instantly when you meet him. He has spent his life working on race cars and engines, many of them with historic value. He’s saved a lot of history, especially early midget history, and become a significant contributor to the North East Motor Sports Museum. We are proud to share some of what Tommy has collected over the years with you.

We’ve arranged a few of those things and photographed them. You’ll be able to see it all when the museum re-opens.

            Included in what you see is a thick book of bios of 50 New England drivers, most of them from midget racing’s early days, 16 tracks and more, all of it interesting history. Ed Stone’s 1957 NEMA car owner championship trophy is there as is Smokey Secondo’s 1952 AAA Midget Series Championship mechanic trophy. The helmets were worn by Johnny DudeVoir (whose 1949 Hudson mid-season championship trophy is shown) and Meatball Orlando. A fabulous book, “The Midgeteers of the United Car Owners Association” written by Marion Morgan was published in 1948. There’s a lot of history in that book, including a list of injuries suffered racing the majority of drivers profiled. Early uniforms were worn by Chuck Arnold and Dave Humphrey.

            There’s more to be seen from Tommy Caruso’s collection and we’re grateful to be able to show it to you when the museum reopens.