New England Motor Sports Museum



The North East Motor Sports Museum is a 501-c-3 New Hampshire nonprofit that relies on dedicated volunteers to help complete our mission of discovering, preserving and educating the public on the history of auto racing in the northeast but especially in New England. Volunteers help run daily operations, organize the museumís collection, assist with fundraising efforts and help the museum run better.

The museum is currently in need of help with the following tasks. If you are interested in helping please call 603-783-0183 or email [email protected]. Thank you for your consideration!

Museum Membership Processing

TASKThe museum has over 300 paid memberships which renew each year on a monthly basis. Memberships are available at different levels and are a major fundraising source. Membership renewal notifications are mailed each month and include the following steps: create envelopes, print letters, insert letters in envelopes along with a renewal form and return envelope and affix stamp. In addition, from time-to-time approximately 100 envelopes going to members without access to email need to be addressed when sending informational updates to members.

SKILLS NEEDED: Attention to detail and accuracy. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and ability to use that information to create printed envelopes, labels or do mail merge.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies by number of memberships to be renewed each month. Currently envelopes are hand addressed which takes longer than if done by computer printing so moving to computer printing is a goal. Depending on the month one to fifteen hours needed to process memberships.

LOCATION: At home or on site.


Duplicate Book Pricing

TASK: The museum has received duplicate copies of books already in the libraryís collection. Duplicates are stored in numbered boxes and each book needs to be identified by author, title, publication date, barcode and the box number it is stored. Books also need to be priced.

SKILLS NEEDED: Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Knowledge of how to go to specific websites to research book prices on the internet. Attention to detail and accuracy.

TIME COMMITMENT: 16 hours in total.

LOCATION: On site at the museum.


Miscellaneous Museum Tasks

TASK: New tasks come up as each month unfolds. Once completed, volunteers move to another task. At this time, volunteers are needed to (1) We need a volunteer to execute upgrades. That person would review the museum, see things that can be done better and working with the museumís Executive Director and/or President achieve the upgrades. Sometimes itís as simple as a photo with a defect that needs replacing, sometimes itís larger like finding and executing new and better ways to display the libraryís photo, program, or poster collections. (2) A volunteer is needed to review the museumís single-copy magazine collection so we have just one copy of each magazineís print run. The reviewer would make a list of missing issues needed to complete each collection. (3) From time-to-time volunteers are needed to distribute promotional literature at events. (4) A volunteer is needed to separate New England from non-New England track programs, group the New England programs by track name and identify duplicates.

SKILLS NEEDED: Basic word processing, an eye to doing or displaying things better, willing to learn new skills to execute tasks, creativity, goal setter with ability to work smoothly with others to achieve goals.

TIME COMMITMENT: Various depending on task.

LOCATION:  On site at the museum and at events.