New England Motor Sports Museum




            As some worry about being in crowds these days, a visit to the North East Motor Sports Museum  may be the safest indoor place you can visit this winter.

            Pictured is Eric Grennell who owns Lakes Region Heating and Cooling. Eric and his team have just finished installing a new system which instead of re-circulating the museumís air will draw fresh air from outdoors to heat and warm you while you are looking at cars, motorcycles, photo albums and the rest thatís on display at the museum. The new unit also includes a UV system to help purify the air.

            Add to our fresh air system is the fact that the museum usually has minimal guests inside during the winter on any Saturday during open hours from 10am-4pm. 

We think itís unlikely you will find many other indoor places that are as safe as the museum.

            Admission is free to the museumís members and itís just $10 for adults to visit, spending all day in the library if you wish. Our iRacing simulator and the slot car track thatís so much fun for kids and adults are available to the museumís guests at no additional charge.