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New England Motor Racing Video Preservation
New England Motor Racing Video Preservation

In late 2022 the museums executive director Tom Netishen met with volunteer Michael Stridsberg (pictured) allowing him to pick up the first fifteen boxes of Channell One auto racing videos.

Bill Channell proprietor of Channell One Video had previously donated his entire library of auto racing video masters to the museum. The archive consists of over 5000 New England auto races from 1987 to 2008. Michael, who has experience with transferring videos from multiple formats to digital has volunteered to digitize the entire archive to preserve the collection.

The short term goal is to have multiple digital backups of each video master. The long term goal is to have a system in which you can view any one of the videos while at the museum and be able to purchase a copy of any of the videos you would want.

We would like to thank Bill and Michael for helping us preserve these videos. Although Michael has volunteered his time to transfer the videos, the museum will provide any equipment resources Michael needs to complete the project.

If you have videos of New England motor racing you would like to donate or loan to the museum for digital preservation please give us a call at 603-783-0183.