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Join Our Team In 2023!
Join Our Team In 2023!
Join our team in 2023!

The operations of the New England Racing Museum is largely run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The museum currently only has one paid employee, its executive director. Volunteers fully run weekly operations during open hours at the museum. This is common for most museums.

During weekly operations volunteers work as cashiers, docents and help with general cleanup and maintenance of the museum building. During museum fundraising events, volunteers help setup, park cars, work entrance gates, conduct raffles and help break down and clean up afterwards. It takes an entire team of devoted volunteers to run the New England Racing Museum.

Who we are looking for.

The museum is looking for docents, cashiers and a person to help facilitate group tours. If you’re interested in volunteering for one of the jobs below, give us a call at 603-783-0183 to speak to our executive director or email our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

What is a docent? A docent is a person who is on the floor of the museum and welcomes museum guests. Their role is to also answer questions about the museum and the exhibits as well as providing tours for guests who request them.

If you’re a person who has knowledge of New England motor racing history, has an interest to learn the history, enjoys interacting with the public and enjoys the camaraderie of fellow motor racing enthusiasts, join us as a docent at the museum! We are looking to sign up 8 new docents.

Front desk cashiers are the first people museum visitors see when they enter our lobby. They are responsible to provide a warm first welcome to guests and assist them with purchasing tickets to the museum. Cashiers also assist visitors with merchandise and membership purchases.

Are you an organized individual who likes to interact with the public and can provide our guests with a welcoming smile? No experience is necessary as our current volunteers can train you to work the cash register and credit card machine. We are looking to sign up 4 cashiers.

Group Tour Sales & Coordination
We are seeking an individual to help us build a database of group tour prospects. This person would also be responsible for making phone calls to prospects to see if they are interested in visiting the museum as a paid tour group. They would then be responsible to coordinate with our volunteer coordinator to schedule the tour when the museum can be adequately staffed.

Group tour prospects consist of regional bus tour operators, student groups, car clubs, senior groups, veteran groups and any other group that would value a visit to the museum. A person who has sales experience and is fluent with excel or like programs is required. To start you will need your own computer and access to the internet.

If your passionate about the museum and our mission and would like to see more people visit and view our exhibits, please reach out to us to learn more about this valuable volunteering initiative.


Want to volunteer but you’re not exactly sure how it all works? No worries! For the first three days you volunteer you will be working with other volunteers to help you get up to speed on how it all works and what you can expect.

How often are you expected to volunteer?

The museum’s “busy season” starts in June and concludes after Columbus Day in October. During this time the museum is open to the public Saturday’s and Sunday’s 10am to 4pm and sees its highest concentration of visitors. Starting in the second half of October through May is our “slow season” in which the museum sees less visitor traffic due to the holidays and winter months.

Availability expectations of volunteers are that you have the time to volunteer twice a month during our busy season and once a month during our slow season. This will help provide a healthy time commitment balance for our volunteers.

If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these jobs, give us a call at 603-783-0183 to speak to our executive director or email our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

Sunday April 16th Volunteer Luncheon

There will be a volunteer appreciation luncheon at the museum on Sunday April 16th at 12:30pm. All current volunteers and new volunteers are welcome to attend. During this luncheon we will announce our 2022 volunteer of the year. The luncheon will provide a chance for new volunteers to meet our current volunteers and learn about what goes on during museum public open hour operations.