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Mabel Doyle named 2022 Volunteer of the Year
Mabel Doyle named 2022 Volunteer of the Year

Longtime dedicated volunteer Mabel Doyle was named 2022 volunteer of the year at the annual volunteer appreciation luncheon at the museum in mid-April. A plaque will be installed in the museum representing her likeness alongside the three previous volunteer of the year recipients.

Mabel has demonstrated dedication and commitment to fulfilling the New England Racing Museums mission of preserving and educating the public on the history of motor racing in New England. She exemplifies an ethic of leadership and selflessness to help better our cause.

Mabel has been volunteering at the museum since we first opened to the public in 2017. She thrives under pressure and is always a dedicated team player. She’s a voice for decency and respect.

Whether she is providing a warm hello in the morning or lead boots to get your ego out of the clouds and back on the ground she is certainly not shy about telling you how she feels. A welcomed honesty.

She’s been a loyal supporter of our mission and always gives you the time of day, whether it be constructive criticism or a quiet congratulations. She’s resilient and determined and brings the best homemade lunches to share with the other volunteers. Please join me in congratulating our 2022 volunteer of the year, Mabel Doyle!