New England Motor Sports Museum



We would like to thank museum board member and motor racing enthusiast Ray Boissoneau for sponsoring the May 6th New England Racers Reunion.

As a child Boissoneau attended midget car races at the height of the sport’s popularity in the late 1940’s. His father Russell took him to his first race at the Manchester Motordrome. He built his first go kart with his neighborhood friends at age ten and would drive the kart around the Gilford Bowl raceway afterhours. In his youth he and his friends would gather around the radio and listen to the broadcast of the Indianapolis 500 each year. A lifelong passion for motor racing had arrived.

Born in 1938 and raised in Laconia, NH, Boissoneau lived the American dream. He served in the National Guard following WWII and was a self-made business owner. He started Electropac in 1976 and grew it to a multinational company with over 500 employees. He made taking care of his employees and customers’ a top priority. His goal was to make people feel valued for their efforts and dedication.

In the 1960’s Boissoneau became the president of the Pony Pilots Mustang Club in Nashua, NH. The club held coned parking lot races on the weekend that were family friendly. The family involvement in motorsports continued. His son Troy raced midget cars and mini sprints, Steven raced sports cars and son Scott focused on motorcycle racing.

In 1978 he purchased his first historic midget car and he has never looked back. He now owns the largest collection of open wheel race cars in New England. His interest in motorsports is diverse and spans multiple disciplines. His passion for road racing dates back to the 1960’s when he would take his Mustang to track days at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. He has raced on some of the world’s most iconic road racing circuits such as the Nurburgring, Monaco and has a victory at the famed Hockenheimring in Germany.

Boissoneau’s goal was never to be a professional driver, his goal was to be enthusiast and enjoy the sport. Over his years of involvement with the sport he has immensely enjoyed the camaraderie, competition and lifelong friendships he had made. With Autopac Gallery he can now share his passion with others and inspire the next generation of motor racing enthusiasts.

If you would like to view the Autopac Gallery please call Ray at 603-566-5770 to make an appointment.